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    Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano

    Thyroid Disease · Obesity

    Medica Sur Hospital

    Ciudad de México, Mexico


    Foundation year

    Contact Information

    HOSPITAL ANGELES PEDREGAL Consultorio 251, Camino Sta. Teresa 1055, Heroes de Padierna, Héroes de Padierna, La Magdalena Contreras, 10700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

    Miguel Angel Gomez Samano

    Ciudad de México, Mexico


    Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano is an endocrinologist specializing in internal medicine, working at Medica Sur Hospital. His areas of interest are thyroid disease, obesity, growth hormonal problems, diabetes, and neuroendocrinology. He is an acclaimed doctor regarding the treatment of endocrine disorders. Endocrinology is a branch of medicine managing the endocrine framework, illnesses, and particular secretions known as hormones. At Medica Sur Hospital, every patient is equally treated with advanced medical facilities. Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano is a renowned specialist working for patient welfare at the hospital. Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano provides professional treatment for hormonal diseases. He provides comprehensive examinations, careful diagnosis, and guided consultations regarding endocrine disorders. He does thorough investigations to find the best possible and long-lasting treatment for his patients. He has acquired more than 100 authentications, has been a teacher, and has taken part in different meetings. Likewise, he has made radio, paper, and TV appearances. He has maintained a respectable reputation in the field of endocrinology. Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano provides his patients with a warm and comfortable environment. All his patients openly discuss their problems as he keenly listens to everyone. His patients trust him with his methods and feel satisfied after their treatment. He gets positive recommendations from his patients. He has been rewarded as a top doctor for his skilled work. Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Samano has a warm and considerate personality. His colleagues feel comfortable around him, and he encourages open case discussion, which proves beneficial to patients and doctors alike.