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Dr. Min Suk Kil

Breast Augmentation

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Wonjin Beauty Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea





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419 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Min Suk Kil is an expert surgeon working at the Wonjin Beauty Medical Center, South Korea. His area of expertise revolves around breast augmentation, which seems to be a prevalent problem among women today. Dr. Min Suk Kil is one of the best surgeons in his field because of the high rates of success and happy patients associated with his clinics. This success could easily be attributed to his expertise and advanced knowledge, through which he keeps himself updated with the recent changes and newer techniques in his field. Breast augmentation has become a popular procedure for women to quickly get their breasts resized or plumped as per their choice. Several women have to face insecurities due to their breasts being too small or unfit for their bodies, which could appear to be a disproportionate thing for them. But thankfully, for all such women, there exists a competent doctor like Dr. Min Suk Kil. He patiently listens to his patients’ concerns first and then decides and tells them their best option while looking at their history and health. In doing so, it is not difficult to see that his patients get lasting results and are happy with whatever Dr. Min Suk Kil has decided for them. This attitude proves that he is from amongst those doctors who keep their patients’ interest and benefit of priority, instead of choosing their preferred mode of surgery, which might be easier than the actual one that the patient wants. This humble attitude has made several patients blindly trust Dr. Min Suk Kil for all the right reasons.