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Dr. Mohamad Sabet Salahia

Breast Reconstruction · Body Contouring


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CosmeSurge, Al Jimi



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Al Jimi, before Al Jimi KG, opposite to Mashreq Supermarket, P.O. Box 66339, Al Ain, UAE


Welcome to the transformative world of Dr. Mohamad Sabet Salahia, a distinguished Plastic Surgeon dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and confidence. Dr. Salahia is a trusted expert renowned for his precision, artistry, and unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction. With a wealth of experience and expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Salahia specializes in a range of procedures aimed at rejuvenating your appearance and restoring harmony to your features. His proficiency spans cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and liposuction, among others. Dr. Salahia’s practice is founded on the principles of personalized care and cutting-edge techniques. He prioritizes open communication, ensuring each patient's concerns and desires are heard and addressed with meticulous attention to detail. Compassionately guiding patients through their transformative journeys, Dr. Salahia’s dedication to achieving optimal results while prioritizing safety and natural aesthetics sets him apart. His holistic approach fosters trust and comfort, making your experience under his care both rewarding and reassuring. Explore the possibilities of achieving your aesthetic aspirations with Dr. Mohamad Sabet Salahia, where innovation, skill, and a commitment to excellence converge to reveal your true beauty. Experience the confidence that comes with trusting your aesthetic goals to an exceptional plastic surgeon like Dr. Salahia.