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Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand

Retinal disease · Cataract

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Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital

Tekirdag, Turkey






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Kazımiye, Ali Fuat Cebesoy Cd. No:1, 59860 Çorlu/Tekirdag, Turkey


Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand is a renowned eye specialist born in Afghanistan in 1986. He is fluent in English and Persian. He specializes in treating several eye diseases, including but not limited to retinal disease and cataracts. If you encounter any of the following eye conditions, Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand can proficiently attend to you: 1. General eye examination 2. Retinal surgery cases 3. Cataract 4. Eye diseases Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand studied medicine at Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine. He then completed his specialization in ophthalmology from Medeniyet University Goztepe Training and Research Hospital. He is a fantastic physician and a kind-hearted human being. He currently works at Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital in Istanbul. Owing to his excellent services to humanity, Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand has been awarded the membership of the following esteemed associations: 1. Turkish Ophthalmology Association 2. National Republics Ophthalmic Association of Turkey Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand has successfully performed countless cataract surgeries. He is well-known in his country as people prefer to come to him for their eye-related issues. He is also very good with patients of all ages. He uses his professionalism in the most subtle yet valuable ways. He is considerate of his patients' needs and tends to them with diligence. Dr. Mohammad Nadim Bromand is very skilled at what he does. He is one of the senior ophthalmologists in the country, yet, the most down-to-earth physician you ever meet. His patients leave excellent reviews for his utmost professional services.