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    Dr. Mohammed Saddam

    Foot Injury Treatment · Limb Deformity

    Mediclinic Baniyas

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




    Dr. Mohammed Saddam is a well-established surgeon in orthopedics at Mediclinic Baniyas. An excellent orthopedic consultant can build rapport with the patient and pick out the diagnosis from good history. He is one of the finest orthopedic surgeons working at the Mediclinic Baniyas. He has operated on many complex trauma cases involving fractures and injuries of the skeleton. Dr. Mohammed Saddam has specialized in the surgical treatment of: - Orthopedic trauma to upper and lower limbs (conservative and - surgical treatment of fractures) - Hand and foot surgeries - Congenital deformities - General orthopedic diseases - Local and intra-articular injections. Before joining the team of UEA, Dr. Saddam worked in Orthopaedics in governmental and private hospitals in Jordan for eight years. Throughout his career, he shares his professional experience with other experts and presented several scientific articles papers at several international and national conferences. In addition to his work, he has been offering significant ideas to treat fractures. Dr. Mohammed Saddam is the best who is being kind to patients and their loved ones and always finds the best solution to treat each one, which means he is a competent and skilled specialist, that always works hard to make sure his patients feel healthy.