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Dr. Moo Kyung Seong

Coloproctology surgery

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Konkuk University Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea





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Neungdong-ro 21-gil Gwangjin-gu Seoul South Korea


General surgery is a medical specialty that entails performing various surgical procedures to treat multiple health issues and disorders. In general surgery, the surgeons are expected to provide pre-and post-operative care and management in addition to performing the surgery itself. General surgeons can diagnose a wide range of diseases, particularly those involving the abdomen and the organs that connect to it. Dr. Moo Kyung Seong is a highly reputed General Surgeon based in South Korea. He is a famous and sought-after medical expert in the country. Dr. Moo Kyung Seong graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from the Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine and later received his Masters and Doctor of Medicine degree from the same institute as well. He also has a keen passion for writing about healthcare in order to raise public awareness about general healthcare issues and to advise patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle. His publications receive great appreciation from other medical professionals too. His core competencies are Coloproctology surgery, Colorectal cancer, Rectal cancer, Anal cancer, Anal disease, Constipation/Fecal incontinence, etc. He is aware of the popular medical techniques utilized in surgical procedures; therefore, his performed surgeries are extremely precise and accurate. To further hone his skills and grow his experience, Dr. Moo Kyung Seong joined renowned and established workplaces. He has worked in Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA, National Cancer Center Hospital, and Seoul National University Hospital. Currently, Dr. Moo Kyung Seong is associated with the Konkuk University Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, as a consultant General Surgeon.