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    Dr. Moongi Choi

    Knee Ligament Injuries

    Himchan Hospital

    Incheon, South Korea


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    Dr. Moongi Choi is an orthopedic specialist at Himchan Hospital. His area of expertise is in knee ligament injuries. Due to his successful treatments and professional skills, he is highly regarded in his field. When ligaments are harmed, the knee joint might become shaky. Ligament injury regularly occurs from a sports injury. Treatment might incorporate medication, muscle-fortifying activities, knee support, or medical procedure. Himchan Hospital is a specialized hospital for the treatment of such injuries. Its doctors, including Dr. Moongi Choi, use state-of-the-art technology to provide customized treatment for every patient’s satisfaction. Dr. Moongi Choi provides quality consultancy and treatment services for his patients. He uses advanced clinical hardware, including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Medical Imaging Systems, and numerous others. All of this hardware intends to digitize the hospital’s services to its greatest ability to become as productive as could be expected. As a doctor, patients and their comfort are his priority. He carefully diagnoses the disease and consults with patients and their families for the least painful and best treatment. With skills and experience, he performs successful surgeries. Patients lead a healthy life without any difficulty after getting their treatments. He has a high recovery rate among other orthopedic specialists. His calm nature makes patients trust him and his methods. Dr. Moongi Choi maintains a healthy relationship with his colleagues and patients alike. Patients feel comfortable discussing their issues with him. He keenly listens to every problem and provides a solution to it. His colleagues freely discuss their patient cases with him to get professional advice from him.