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Dr. Muslum Sahin

Coronary Angiography · Tachycardia

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VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey






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Fevzi Çakmak, Cemal Gürsel Cd. No:9, 34899 Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Muslum Sahin is a professor of cardiology at VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital. His areas of interest are Angio from the wrist, coronary artery disease, heart valve illnesses, blood vessels, and complex coronary interventions. He is an accomplished cardiologist and is among the doctors with high surgical success rates. Coronary angiography is a technique that utilizes a unique color (contrast material) and x-beams to perceive how blood courses through the supply routes in your heart. Tachycardia is the clinical term for a pulse of 100 beats per minute, and many sorts of unpredictable heart rhythms cause tachycardia. VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital has a patient-arranged assistance approach and thoroughly prepared staff for heart patients. Being part of the team, Dr. Muslum Sahin provides treatment based on clinical advances and multi-disciplinary findings. Dr. Muslum Sahin pays special attention to each case as heart surgeries are very sensitive. He has done extensive research regarding heart diseases. His team strives to find harmless and most efficient treatment procedures. He discusses every possible treatment to patients and suggests the best for them. Due to all his years of experience, patients trust his surgical methods. He keenly listens to individual problems and provides a warm environment to patients. Dr. Muslum Sahin is skillful in his surgeries. Patients feel healthier after getting treated by him, and he applies modern and scientifically tested surgical procedures to patients. Working with medical students and fellow doctors, Dr. Muslum Sahin guides everyone and provides a constructive environment. He encourages open medical case discussions and acts as a mentor for his juniors during operations.