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    Dr. Myriam Belmar Olivares

    Hormonal imbalance

    Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca

    Comunidad de Madrid, Spain






    Dr. Myriam Belmar Olivares is a competent endocrinologist and specialist of Hormonal imbalance who is well-regarded for her deep knowledge about hormonal imbalance in the body. She has rich experience in her specialty and has a deep understanding of hormones and nutrition. She is also a nutritionist and skillfully provides nutrition treatment to her patients as well. Dr. Myriam Belmar Olivares is known for her friendly disposition and professionalism. She has treated thousands of patients with hormonal imbalances and other health-related problems. She provides the best and well-tested recipe of nutrition to her patients that solve their health problems. Currently, she offers her unique services in the famous Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca. Dr. Myriam Belmar Olivares got her bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from the renowned Complutense University of Madrid. She has received awards for her educational accomplishments. Moreover, she received her house job training from the same university hospital and finished it successfully. She learned new medical skills during her training and utilized her time to shine her medical skills to the best of her abilities. After her training, Dr. Myriam Belmar Olivares worked as a general physician and earned herself among the best doctors. She wanted to take her profession to the next level and acquired a specialization degree in Endocrinology and Nutrition from the prestigious La Princesa University Hospital. She also got her specialization training there and successfully emerged as a competent specialist of Hormonal imbalance. Over the years, she has gained more than 27 years of experience working with various leading hospitals.