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    Dr. Nam Su Lee

    Colorectal Cancer · Stomach cancer

    Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Nam Su Lee is a renowned name working at the Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea who specializes in stomach and colorectal cancers. Dr. Nam Su Lee has completed all his medical education from the Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine. His Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. were all acquired from this place, and he is indeed a notable alumnus hailing from this institution. Dr. Nam Su Lee knows the nature of the cancers that he is dealing with. He owns a firm knowledge of the type of cancers that he is dealing with and knows how to correctly diagnose and start immediate treatment on them to ensure a proper survival plan for the patient. Sometimes, when cancer has progressed to limits beyond which it is deemed impossible to treat, it is up to the doctor to counsel and treat the patient palliatively. Here too, Dr. Nam Su Lee works hard to make sure that his patients are aware of what they are dealing with and are strengthened to the point that they possess the willpower to overcome this disease. The knowledge of Dr. Nam Su Lee knows no bounds. He is ever-ready to learn more and develop his skills according to the modern and ever-changing trends in the surgery world. The result is in front of his colleagues and patients - he is considered an excellent surgeon who never fails anyone.