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Dr. Naramon Nanthacharak

Pediatric flexible bronchoscopy

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Chiangmai Ram Hospital

Chang Wat Chiang Mai, Thailand





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8 Thanon Bunrueang Rit Tambon Su Thep Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai Chang Wat Chiang Mai Thailand


Dr. Naramon Nanthacharak, a dedicated specialist in pediatric respiratory diseases who is committed to providing exceptional care for your child. Dr. Nanthacharak specializes in diagnosing and treating respiratory conditions in children, ensuring that they can breathe freely and live their lives to the fullest. With fluency in both Thai and English, Dr. Nanthacharak ensures effective communication with patients and their families, creating a comfortable environment for discussing concerns and providing comprehensive explanations. Dr. Nanthacharak's journey into the world of pediatric respiratory care began with an MD and BSc from Chiangmai University in Thailand in 2011. She then obtained the prestigious Thai Board in Pediatric certification from the Thai Medical Council in 2015, validating her expertise in pediatric medicine. To further enhance her skills and knowledge, Dr. Nanthacharak completed her specialization in Pediatric Pulmonary at Ramathibodi Hospital in Thailand in 2017. This intensive training equipped her with the latest techniques and advancements in diagnosing and managing respiratory disorders in children. As a valued member of the renowned Chiangmai Ram Hospital, Dr. Nanthacharak is dedicated to providing exceptional care to young patients. She handles a wide range of pediatric respiratory conditions, including but not limited to asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other lung-related illnesses. Dr. Nanthacharak recognizes that every child is unique, and she tailors her approach to meet each patient's individual needs. She takes the time to thoroughly analyze symptoms, conduct comprehensive evaluations, and develop personalized treatment plans that aim to improve respiratory health and overall well-being. With a strong emphasis on patient and family involvement in the treatment process, Dr. Nanthacharak ensures that you are well-informed and actively participate in decision-making regarding your child's care. She provides detailed explanations about treatment options, medication administration techniques, and home care strategies, empowering you to confidently support your child's respiratory health. By staying updated with the latest research and incorporating evidence-based practices, Dr. Nanthacharak ensures that your child receives the most advanced and effective care available. She works closely with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive and holistic approach to respiratory disease management.