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Dr. Ock Jae Jin

Bling Eye · Breast Augmentation

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Seoul, South Korea






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868 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Ock Jae Jin (M.D.PhD.) is the Head Doctor at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon. He is a Professor at Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan Medical School. He is a Scholar at Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. District Court Medical Consultant. International Society Member of American Plastic Surgery. Motiva KOL (Key Opinion Leader). He is a Scholar at Korean Society of Plastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction. He is a Member of Korean Society of Plastic Surgery and Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Academic Activities and Live Surgeries [2019] - 2019 Asan Plastic Surgery 30th Anniversary Beauty, Reconstruction Video Symposium presentation “Corrective method for abnormal placement of implants” - 2019 Motiva Asian Summit "Mastering the Rheological Properties of Silicone Gels", "Evolution best practices & surgical tips and tricks" - 2019 3rd Global BellaGel Academic Symposium G-BAS breast augmentation live surgery demonstration - In 2019, an original paper related to nipple reconstruction was published in the world-renowned journal PRS. - 2019 breast augmentation live surgery with participation of overseas medical staff - 2019 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Chairman Attended - Participated in 2019 Motiva Innovation Summit as Korea Plastic Surgery Representative Doctor (KOL) [2018] - “Strategic Planning For augmentation mastopexy”, “Clinic Application of motiva ergonomix” presented at the 2018 Korean Society of Plastic Surgery International Conference - 2018 4th Motiva Ergonomic Symposium “Breast augmentation for saggy breasts” Lecture and faculty participation - 2018 Motiva Edge, Tokyo Invitational Lecture “Motiva’s New Identity” - 2018 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Lecture “Breast Reconstruction and Nipple Areola Reconstruction Lecture” - Attended 2018 Aesthetica Super Symposium 2018 LAS VEGAS Symposium - 2018 Korea Breast Cancer Patients Association Donation Ceremony for Breast Cancer Prevention Education Practice Items [2017] - 2017 PRS KOREA Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery International Conference Chairperson and presentation “Strategy to create beautiful breasts through breast augmentation surgery” - 2017 IMAPS (International Meeting on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Vietnam International Society Lecture - 2017 Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International Conference Lecture and Moderator [2016] - 2016 Attended Motiva, Italy Ergonomics Symposium '2nd Ergonomic Breast Implant' - 2016 Invited lecture for Asian doctors at Allergan Medical Institute AMI hosted by Allergan Korea - 2016 Allergan Korea Hosted Press Conference Lecture “Right Understanding of Mammoplasty” - 2016 Korea-Japan Plastic Surgery Conference Lecture “Operative Planning Asymmetric Breast” - 2016 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery presented by the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery “Criteria for determining implants for breast surgery” - 2016 BellaGel Launching Symposium Invitational Lecture [2015] - 2015 “Breast augmentation workshop” invited by the Philippine Society of Plastic Surgery - 2015 Asan Plastic Surgery Symposium Lecture “How to properly select implants with various sizes, shapes, and characteristics to suit the body of the person undergoing surgery” - Presented at the 2015 Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Breast Surgery Symposium “How to improve breast enlargement and drooping at the same time-How to operate small and saggy breasts simultaneously and how to apply various surgical methods-” [2014] - 2014 Allergan Academy invitation presentation “How to apply Korean female breast implants” - 2014 Chairman, Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Presented at the 2014 Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery International Symposium “Reoperation Analyzing Causes and Aspects of Misplaced Breast Implants” - 2014 ALLERGAN Academy Live surgery and lecture for Australian plastic surgeons “Water drop implant surgery through armpit incision” - 2014 Dongguk University Beauty Center Establishment Symposium Lecture “Classification of Methods for Simultaneous Breast Hydration and Enlargement and Important Part of Surgery” - 2014 Allergan Asia Pacific Medical Aesthetic Congress (APMAC) Breast augmentation demonstration and lecture - 2014 Allergan Academy in Daegu Live Surgery and Lecture “Breast Augmentation with Waterdrop Implants through Armpit Incision” - 2014 Korea Breast Cancer Korean Beef Association presentation “Breast reconstruction using implants” - 2014 Korean Association of Breast Cancer Patients Presented “The story of breast reconstruction surgery and the method and misunderstanding of breast reconstruction surgery” - 2014 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2014 "Implant Malposition" - 2014 Invited lecture in Nagoya, Japan, “Development and Current Status of Breast Reconstructive Surgery” [2011] - Invited Lecture at Nuclear Hospital “Understanding of Breast Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Patients” AWARDS - 2018 Pink Ribbon Breast Clinic Best Awards Top 10 in Mammoplasty and Breast Reconstruction - Commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare for free talent donation for breast reconstruction at the 10th Cancer Prevention Day ceremony in 2017 BOOKS - Co-author of “Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 3 - Breast Augmentation Surgery” - Co-author of “The Master of New Korean Cosmetic Surgery 18”