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Dr. Oguz Bozdag

Prostate disease

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Acibadem Kayseri Hospital

Kayseri, Turkey








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Melikgazi, Mustafa Kemal Pasa Blv. No:1, 38030 Melikgazi/Kayseri, Turkey


Dr. Oguz Bozdaq is a well-known urologist currently practicing at the Acibadem Kayseri Hospital, Turkey. He has full command in his subject, but most importantly, prostate disease is considered his specialty or area of particular interest. Dr. Oguz Bozdaq pursued both his early medical education and degree of specialization from Erciyes University and became one of the best doctors that Turkey has to offer today. The prostate gland is an essential gland present in males. It has several critical genitourinary functions, which it diligently performs throughout the life of a male. However, most commonly in old age, men encounter several problems with their prostate gland, which then poses great nuisance and frustration in their life. The prostate gland in a dysfunctional state causes the dribbling of urine. It increases the frequency of urination, yet another source of problem for males as it dramatically hinders their daily activities and performance in everyday life. Dr. Oguz Bozdaq is a competent doctor who expertly deals with problems related to the prostate gland. He understands that prostate-related issues could be greatly embarrassing for males. So, while ensuring patient privacy, he ensures that his patients are educated on the subject and know how to deal with their problems. Dr. Oguz Bozdaq is well-known for successfully treating patients with prostate disease. His skills and expertise are admirable, and his professionalism while dealing with the patients shows how serious and dedicated, he is towards his field and his patients. Dr. Oguz Bozdaq is one of the best urologists whom patients blindly trust to provide the best treatment and consultation services.