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Dr. Olga Filaretova

Congenital Heart Diseases

36 Yrs

EMC Trifonovskaya

Contact Information

Trifonovskaya Ulitsa, 26, Moskva, Russia, 129272


Dr. Olga Filaretova is one of the best pediatric cardiologists at EMC Trifonovskaya and has more than 33 years of experience in her profession as an expert in congenital heart diseases, myocardium diseases, cardiac insufficiency in childhood. She is the best pediatric cardiologist who always works hard to make sure children feel healthy and happy. Dr. Filaretova graduated from Burdenko’s Medical Academy, department of pediatrics in Voronezh in 1987, and Bakulev’s Science center of Cardiovascular Surgery Russian Academy of Medicine Dr. Filaretova defended her thesis on the problem of cardiomyopathy at a young age. After thesis defense, Dr. Filaretova did some successful scientific and clinical work in studies of diastolic function (in neonates) and noncoronary changes in the myocardium of children. Throughout her career, Dr. Olga Filaretova has held positions of responsibility in prestigious medical centers and hospitals. Currently, she is an associate professor of child’s cardiology courses, department of cardiovascular surgery, and interventional cardiology of postgraduate medical education of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in Moscow based at Bakulev’s Science center of Cardiovascular surgery Russian Academy of Medicine. Dr. Filaretova executes modern methods of research, diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring of children with disorders of the heart and blood vessels, rheumatologic diseases, including children with secondary changes of the heart due to the primary disease (diabetes, hypothyroidism, pulmonary diseases, and pathology of kidneys or nervous system) aged from birth to 18 years. In addition to her work, Dr. Olga Filaretova has 56 publications in Russian and foreign editions, including article publication in the magazine.