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Dr. Olga Vul

Chemotherapy · Targeted Radionuclide Therapies (Theranostics)

21 Yrs

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Medicina, JSC (Academician Roytberg Clinic)

Moskva, Russia








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2-Y Tverskoy-Yamskoy Pereulok Tsentralnyy administrativnyy okrug Moskva Tverskoy Moskva Moskva Russia


Dr. Olga Vul is an oncologist and chemotherapist at Medicina, JSC (Academician Roytberg Clinic). After graduating from the Ivanovo State Medical Institute, Dr. Olga Vul worked as an otolaryngologist for 7 years. In 2001, Dr. Olga Vul received a specialization in clinical oncology. Dr. Olga Vul is a member of the Russian Society of Oncomammologists. Since 2002, Dr. Olga Vul has worked as a clinical oncologist. Since 2004, Dr. Olga Vul has been an oncologist and chemotherapist in the inpatient department of the Norilsk City Hospital. Since 2006, Dr. Olga Vul has been in charge of the oncohematological chemotherapy department of the Norilsk City Hospital. In 2008, Dr. Olga Vul received the highest qualification category, and in 2013, she confirmed the qualification. Since 2013, Dr. Olga Vul has been working as an oncologist in the chemotherapy department of the hospital JSC "Medicine" (clinic of academician Roitberg). Dr. Olga Vul has knowledge of international standards of drug therapy for malignant diseases. Dr. Olga Vul has extensive experience in conducting chemotherapy for cancer patients at various localizations. Drug therapy of oncological diseases: chemotherapy hormone therapy target therapy Dr. Olga Vul is an excellent specialist in the field of therapeutic treatment of cancer ailments. A doctor of the highest category, with more than 14 years of engagement in saving the lives of cancer patients. Dr. Olga Vul is an excellent chemotherapist provides medical services at an international level of quality. Dr. Olga Vul's remit includes diagnostics for oncological processes. Dr. Olga Vul is a specialist who draws up a treatment plan for oncological diseases with the use of drugs. Dr. Olga Vul provides treatment with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and target therapy. Dr. Olga Vul provides medical care to patients with leukemia, eritrea, and polycythemia. Some of the areas of expertise of Dr. Olga Vul include: Prostate cancer Laryngeal cancer Breast cancer Stomach cancer Gallbladder cancer Bowel cancer Uterine cancer Bladder cancer Liver cancer Esophageal cancer Pancreatic cancer