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    Dr. Oliver Heese

    Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy · Spinal tumor

    Helios Hospital Schwerin

    Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany


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    Dr. Oliver Heese works as a maximum care provider at the Medical School Hamburg in Germany. He is the head of the neurosurgery and spinal surgery department and the oncological center in MSH, where he has been working since 2011. Dr. Oliver Heese started his study of neurosurgery in 1997 at the Medical University of Lubeck. He further completed his research residency at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. He worked as a Senior House Officer in the Neurosurgery Department at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Hospital before receiving his board certification in neurosurgery in 2004. In 2007, he was first appointed as a consultant, after which he started taking post-doctoral classes at various universities. His fields of expertise include: · Neuro-oncology · Epilepsy surgeries · Awake brain surgeries · Trigeminal neuralgia · Spinal tumors · Vascular neurosurgery Owing to his exceptional expertise and professionalism, Dr. Oliver Heese holds several esteemed memberships in: · Medical Profession Association · German Neurosurgery Association · German Cancer Association and Neurological working group · Cancer Association Hamburg · Working group for pre-surgical diagnostics and surgical therapy for epilepsy · German Neuro-Oncology working group · German Society of Skull Base Surgery · Hamburg Cancer Society · German Society of Neurosurgery Dr. Oliver Heese is also well-versed in English. It helps him in treating several international patients and providing his consultancy on global medical issues. Dr. Oliver Heese also has numerous international research papers published under his name. He is a hardworking specialist who knows his field very well. His professionalism sets him apart from others working in the same field.