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Dr. Omer Yavuz

Musculoskeletal tumors · Spine trauma

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Private Doruk Yildirim Hospital

Bursa, Turkiye



Contact Information

No:235 Ankara Yolu Caddesi Duacinari Yildirim Bursa Turkiye


Are you in need of expert care for orthopedic and traumatological concerns? Dr. Omer Yavuz is here to provide you with top-notch medical expertise and compassionate care. Dr. Yavuz graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1996. With a commitment to excellence, he honed his skills at Ankara Dıs Kapı Training and Research Hospital, achieving expertise in his field by 2000. You can find Dr. Yavuz at Doruk Private Nilufer Hospital, where he continues to make a positive impact on patients' lives through his dedication to orthopedics and traumatology. Dr.Yavuz's impressive journey includes stints at renowned medical institutions: 2001 - 2002: Bursa Cekirge State Hospital 2002 - 2009: Bursa Sevket Yılmaz Training and Research Hospital 2009 - 2010: Doruk Private Bursa Hospital 2010 - 2012: Konur Medical Center Dr. Omer Yavuz is committed to providing you with the highest standard of care. Whether you're dealing with orthopedic issues or traumatic injuries, his expertise and experience are at your service. Your well-being is his top priority.