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Dr. Kilic Onder

Myopia and astigmatism · Glaucoma

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Private Rumeli Hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye





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Mektep Sokak Tevfik Bey Küçükçekmece İstanbul Türkiye


Onder Kilic Are you seeking top-notch eye care from a highly qualified specialist? Dr. Onder Kilic is your go-to expert for all your eye health needs. With a solid foundation in medicine from Istanbul University Cerrahpasha Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Onder Kilic has dedicated his career to becoming a leading authority in eye health. His commitment to excellence shines through his specialization training at Istanbul University Cerrahpasha Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Kilic's expertise is available at several reputable institutions, ensuring you have access to world-class eye care: Private Rumeli Hospital Vera Medical Center Kucukcekmece Red Crescent Medical Center Balıklı Greek Hospital Denizli Military Hospital You can trust that you're in capable hands at any of these esteemed facilities. Dr. Kilic's dedication to his patients is evident through his unwavering passion for eye health. He specializes in a range of essential areas: Refraction: Ensuring your vision is at its best. Contact Lens: Providing comfortable, effective solutions for vision correction. Glaucoma: Early detection and management of this sight-threatening condition. Uvea: Expert care for the vital part of your eye that helps maintain eye health.