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Dr. Ondrej Viklicky

Heart Transplant · Kidney Transplant

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Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Hlavní město Praha, Czechia







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9 1958 Vídeňská Krč Praha 4 Hlavní město Praha Hlavní město Praha Czechia


Prof. MUDr. Ondrej Viklicky, CSc., is a distinguished medical professional who holds multiple important positions within the field of transplantation and nephrology. As the Director of the Transplantation Centre, Director of the Nephrology Department, and Head of the Transplantation Laboratory, he plays a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Prof. Viklicky possesses a broad range of expertise, with a particular focus on kidney transplantation. His extensive knowledge in this area allows him to oversee and guide the transplantation procedures, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients in need of kidney transplants. His expertise encompasses various aspects of kidney transplantation, including the evaluation of suitable donors, the management of post-transplant complications, and the development of strategies to improve long-term graft survival. In addition to his contributions in transplantation, Prof. Viklicky is also well-versed in several research areas. His expertise in signaling pathways, PCR (polymerase chain reaction), gene expression, T lymphocytes, genetics, cytokines, cell culture, hypertension, and flow cytometry allows him to investigate and understand the underlying mechanisms of kidney disease and transplantation. By studying these intricate aspects, he aims to unravel new insights into the pathophysiology of kidney-related disorders and develop innovative approaches for their diagnosis and treatment. As a renowned academic and researcher, Prof. Viklicky has made significant contributions to the scientific community. He has authored numerous research papers and has played an active role in clinical trials and studies. His work not only expands the current knowledge in the field of transplantation and nephrology but also contributes to the development of novel therapeutic interventions and advancements in patient care. Beyond his research and clinical roles, Prof. Viklicky is actively involved in teaching and mentoring the next generation of medical professionals. He shares his expertise and experiences with aspiring doctors, nurturing their passion for transplantation and nephrology and guiding them towards excellence in their respective careers. Prof. MUDr. Ondrej Viklicky, CSc., through his leadership, expertise, and commitment to advancing transplantation and nephrology, has made a significant impact on the field. His multidimensional role as a director, researcher, and educator showcases his dedication to improving patient outcomes, unraveling the complexities of kidney-related diseases, and fostering the growth of future medical professionals.