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Dr. Ozlem Sezgin Mericliler

Diabetes · Hormonal imbalance

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Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey








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Acıbadem, Tekin Sk. No:8, 34718 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Ozlem Sezgin Mericliler is a competent physician of diabetes and hormonal imbalance. She is the leading specialist in areas of interest and currently offers her valuable services in the famous Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital. She never compromises her professional career and always works with dedication and honesty. Dr. Ozlem Sezgin Mericliler has earned her graduate degree in medicine from the reputed Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, Turkey. She always loved to become a specialist doctor and chose her career by her choice. She was hailed as the most remarkable student in her studies and was honored with many distinctions for her educational accomplishments. She underwent the house job training successfully. She always worked tirelessly and worked on the improvement of her professional skills. Since her childhood, she quickly mastered all the complex operational skills and made her name as she was a talented person. After her residency training, Dr. Ozlem Sezgin Mericliler worked for years as an accomplished doctor. She worked as a general physician for years and acquired years of experience. However, she wanted to receive higher professional education and applied for specialization studies. She achieved her specialization in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases and narrowed her areas to Diabetes and Hormonal imbalance. Dr. Ozlem Sezgin Mericliler also serves the post of assistant professor at the renowned Acibadem University. She has a considerable command over subjects and is famous for innovative ways of teaching and training her students in the medical field. She is a fellow member of various medical research organizations and engages in research projects.