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Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez

Physiotherapy · Ultrasound Guided Injections

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Vithas Hospital Rey Don Jaime

Comunidad Valenciana, Spain





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Carrer Santa Maria Rosa Molas, 25, 12004 Castelló de la Plana, Castelló, Spain


Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez is one of the finest physiotherapists in Spain. He specializes in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine and is an expert in pain management. He completed his medicine and surgery degree from the University of Valencia in Spain, after which he received his doctoral degree in chronic pain management. Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez has vast experience in his field. He has worked as an adjunct physician (FEA) in the therapeutic pain unit at the University Hospital Valencia for several years. He has also served in the workforce per OPE since 1994 at the Valencian Health Service. Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez has been associated with Hospital Vithas Valencia in the Facultative Pain Unit since 2014. He has dozens of research papers published under his name. He has also edited a book on physiotherapy and pain management. In addition to this, he is also credited for executing a clinical trial based on intrathecal infusion as a treatment of spasticity, which was then approved as a country-wide treatment method. Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez is one of the founders of the Spanish Society of Pain. Other than that, he is an esteemed member of the following: • Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine • Illustrious College of Physicians of Valencia • Editorial Committee of the Journal of Spanish Pain Society • Valencian Society of Pain • Valencian Society of Rehabilitation and Pain Management Dr. Pedro Fenollosa Vazquez proficiently deals with the following areas of expertise: • Diagnosis and testing of the chronic refractory pain • Multidisciplinary treatment • Individual pharmacological management • Minimally invasive interventions for pain management • Ultrasound and X-rays for interventions • Physiotherapy exercises and adaptive treatment