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Dr. Philipp Hoigne-Perret

Interventional Cardiology

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Klinik Beau-Site

Bern, Switzerland






Medical staff

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Schänzlihalde 11, 3013 Bern, Switzerland


Dr. Philipp Hoigne-Perret is a highly recommended cardiologist. He has international education and decades of experience. This makes him one of the most sought-after cardiologists in Switzerland. Currently, he serves at the Hirslanden Klinik Beau-Site located at the Schanzlihalde, Bern, Switzerland. He is extremely dedicated and thorough in his job. He conducts a complete background check before recommending a suitable medical treatment. He has successfully treated patients in the past. The secret to his successful treatments is the use of modern medical tools and the inclusion of contemporary developments in his field of specialization. Dr. Philipp Hoigne-Perret is well educated as he has earned many achievements during his academic years. He has graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Zurich. He then proceeded to earn his specialization in cardiology FMH in the year 2007. He has studied Interventional Cardiology from Essex Cardiothoracic Center, United Kingdom. He also studied internal medicine from Spital Region Oberaargau in the year 2002-2005. Dr. Philipp Hoigne-Perret has treated both national and international patients. This makes his experience diverse. He was Deputy Senior Physician for Cardiology and internal medicine at Spital Netz Bern - Tiefenau in the year 2008-2010. He has been a non-interventionist Cardiologist since 2013. Due to his long in-depth background in his field of specialization, he has become a reliable cardiologist of his region. His patients are highly satisfied with him. His attitude with patients is welcoming and humble. Cardiac disorders are commonly considered complicated disorders, which is why, with an experienced doctor like Dr. Philipp Hoigne-Perret, a patient can surely receive successful treatment with long-lasting results.