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    Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong

    Prosthetics · Prosthodontics

    Smile Signature Dental Clinics

    Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand


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    Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong is a hardworking individual who has worked a day in and day out to achieve what he has today. Some individuals do not know what they want to do in their lives, but Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong had a different approach to his life. From day 1, he was looking forward to being a prosthetics and prosthodontics specialist. His initial journey began from the Songkhla University where he did his bachelor's for a doctor in dental surgery. The first year was difficult and had several ups and downs, but Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong did not shy away from his shortcomings. Instead, he worked hard on them, to improve as an individual and as a doctor. Furthermore, to pursue his residency in dentistry, Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong joined the Mahidol University - where he underwent a training program for general dentistry. Along the way, he also made sure that he is aware of all the advancements in his field. Currently, Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong is working at the Smile Signature Dental Clinics in the Prosthetics and Prosthodontics department. Making people more confident in their smiles and brooding the horizons of his field. People like Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong are rare to find as most of them are looking for shortcuts to get to their destinations. However, he has gone through each step with utmost honesty. All of these reasons make him what he is today. In the future, Dr. Phisak Khositphanthawong is looking to mentor more doctors like him, who can provide value to their patients.