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Dr. Praneet Reddy N

General Pediatrics · Neonatal Diseases

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Telangana, India








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3-4-473 Vysya Hostel Kachiguda Station Road Lingampally Kachiguda Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana India


Dr. Praneet Reddy N stands as a distinguished Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, equipped with an extensive educational background and a wealth of experience in the realm of child health. His dedication to providing comprehensive care to children and newborns is reflected in his academic achievements, memberships in esteemed medical organizations, and expertise in general pediatrics and neonatal diseases. Dr. Praneet Reddy N initiated his academic journey with an MBBS degree, laying the foundation for his medical career. He continued to advance his knowledge and skills by obtaining an MD in Paediatrics, showcasing his commitment to specializing in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. His dedication to staying at the forefront of medical knowledge is evident in his pursuit of further qualifications, including the IDPCCM (Intensive Diploma in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine), Fellowship in Neonatology, and PGPN (Postgraduate Program in Neonatology) from Boston, a testament to his global perspective on child healthcare. As a testament to his commitment to professional development, Dr. Praneet Reddy N is affiliated with various medical organizations, including TSMC-APNC/FMR, Central IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics), NNF (National Neonatology Forum), and IAP Neonatology. These memberships not only connect him with a network of peers but also indicate his active involvement in the exchange of knowledge and advancements in the field of paediatrics and neonatology. Dr. Reddy's expertise spans across general pediatrics and neonatal diseases, showcasing his ability to handle a broad spectrum of medical conditions affecting children from birth through adolescence. In the realm of general pediatrics, he addresses a myriad of health issues, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and the management of common childhood illnesses. His proficiency in neonatology extends to the specialized care of newborns, with a focus on premature infants or those with complex medical conditions. His commitment to advancing neonatal care is evident in his pursuit of a fellowship in Neonatology and participation in organizations dedicated to the neonatal field. This specialized training equips him with the skills and knowledge required to provide expert care to newborns, including those born prematurely or with critical medical conditions. Dr. Praneet Reddy N's global perspective on neonatology, exemplified by his participation in the Postgraduate Program in Neonatology in Boston, reflects his dedication to incorporating international best practices into his approach. This exposure ensures that he remains abreast of the latest advancements in neonatal care and can bring a holistic and informed perspective to his practice. Patients seeking consultation with Dr. Praneet Reddy N can expect comprehensive care for their children, with a focus on preventive measures, early intervention, and personalized treatment plans. His dedication to general paediatrics and neonatology, coupled with his global exposure, positions him as a trusted advocate for child health.