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Dr. R. Raghunath

Multisystem Disorders · Infectious Disease

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Kauvery Hospital Hosur

Tamil Nadu, India





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35, Shanthi Nagar, Opp. CSI Church, Shanthi Nagar West, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635109, India


Dr. R. Raghunath is a well-known Physician, who proficiently works at Kauvery Hospital Hosur. He is a specialist in multisystem disorders and infectious diseases. Despite the fact that medicine is an ever-changing science, considerable changes in his administration are necessary to provide quality treatment. He implements the Reece criteria for communicable and noncommunicable patient surveillance. He spends more time teaching people about the origin of illness and its consequences. Furthermore, Dr. R. Raghunath believes that diabetes medication could be improved through engaging health care professionals at the grassroots level. Multisystem disorders are abnormalities that impact several bodily systems at the same time. Numerous physicians' lack of understanding of these disorders, along with their intricacy and debilitating nature, has created difficulties for patients as well as providers and personnel trying to care for this patient group. Dr. R. Raghunath excels in the treatment of Hypertension, Stroke, Epilepsy, Cholesterol Management, Nephrotic Syndrome, and many more. He is also highly efficient in identifying and curing Scrub Typhus and throat lateral Mediology syndrome. His numerous scholarly experiences of 1.5 years as a Senior Resident at Government Medical College Hospital, Dharmapuri, and a medical registrar at Manipal Hospital Salem for around two years highlights his scholastic competence. His extensive knowledge and passion in his area demonstrate his dedication to his profession. Physicians are found anywhere, but it is difficult to find one who has a plethora of information and a genuine concern for his patients. Dr. R. Raghunath is well-known within the medical community for being a trustworthy and well-respected physician. All of his abilities have earned him the complete trust of his patients.