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Dr. Radwan Sawas

Squint Correction Surgery (Strabismus)

19 Yrs

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Zulekha Hospital Sharjah

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates







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Al Zahra Street Al Nasserya - Al Sharq - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates


Dr. Radwan Sawas is a specialist ophthalmologist at Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah. He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology. He has shown a keen interest in research work. He has many publications and has participated in many conferences. EDUCATION AND GREAT MEDICAL EXPERIENCE OF DR. RADWAN SAWAS Dr. Radwan Sawas pursued his post-graduation from Aleppo University. After post-graduation, he started working with Magrabi Eye Hospitals in Jeddah and Dammam as a specialist Ophthalmologist for eight years. Meanwhile, he completed his F.R.C.S from Glasgow University and was upgraded as an Associate Consultant in Vitreoretinal Unit. In 2008, he worked at Aleppo Eye specialty Hospital as a head of the Retinal Department. Later, he worked as a consultant ophthalmologist at the Future Hospital, Aleppo. Dr. Radwan Sawas was also associated with Ain Al Khaleej Hospital-Al Ain as a consultant ophthalmologist. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY DR. RADWAN SAWAS The top medical specialty of Dr. Radwan Sawas is squint correction surgery (strabismus). In addition, he has a special interest in retinal surgery, retinal disease, and many procedures for anterior and posterior eye segments, laser procedures, and intraocular lenses. Dr. Radwan Sawas performs all these procedures with excellent results. His expertise and skills are an inspiration for young surgeons. In addition, he provides an individualized treatment that is in the best interest of the patient. He has all the qualities of a good surgeon, and his sincerity to the profession has earned him the respect he deserves.