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Dr. Rahul Reddy G

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) · Male Infertility

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Ankura Hospital, Gachibowli Branch

Telangana, India





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Near Oakridge International School, Opp. Concu, Khajaguda, Nanakramguda Main Road, Serilingampally, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032


Dr. Rahul Reddy G is a highly qualified and specialized medical professional with a comprehensive educational background. His MBBS, MS (Gen), and DNB qualifications provide him with a strong foundation in medicine and surgery, while his Fellowship in Andrology & Men's Health (FIAMH) demonstrates his commitment to the field of andrology. As a Consultant Micro Surgical Andrologist, Dr. Rahul Reddy G focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive health issues, which may include fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, and other conditions related to the male reproductive system. Microsurgical techniques often involve highly precise procedures that can have a significant impact on male reproductive health and overall well-being. Education: MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery): This is the foundational medical degree that most doctors earn after completing medical education and training. MS (Gen) (Master of Surgery in General Surgery): A postgraduate medical degree indicating specialization in general surgery, which includes surgical procedures in various medical fields. DNB (Diplomate of National Board): A qualification that demonstrates specialized training and expertise in a particular medical discipline. FIAMH (Fellowship in Andrology & Men's Health): A fellowship program focused on the field of andrology, which deals with male reproductive health and conditions. Specialty: Dr. Rahul Reddy G is a Consultant Micro Surgical Andrologist, which indicates his expertise in microsurgical procedures related to male reproductive health and andrology.