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Dr. Raja Kumar Manikam

Laparoscopic Surgery · Anal Disease

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Orthoplus Bone And Joint Center

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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Central District - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Meet Dr. Raja Kumar Manikam, your trusted and highly acclaimed general surgeon at the Orthoplus Bone And Joint Center. With a stellar medical background and over two decades of dedicated experience, Dr. Rajakumar is here to provide you with top-notch healthcare. Dr. Rajakumar's journey to excellence began with his MS in General Surgery from Dr. MGR Medical University in Tamilnadu, India. He then honed his skills further by earning an MRCS qualification from Edinburgh, UK. With an impressive 27 years of postgraduate experience in General Surgery, including a remarkable 19 years of service in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Rajakumar has become a renowned name in both government and private healthcare institutions. His areas of expertise are as diverse as they are comprehensive, covering a wide range of surgical procedures. Whether you require laparoscopy, general surgery (elective or emergency), appendix, gall bladder, hernia, upper and lower GI procedures, colon surgery, anorectal treatments, advanced solutions for hemorrhoids, fistula, vascular and soft tissue disorders, basic urological procedures, diagnostic endoscopy, or specialized trauma and acute care surgery – Dr. Rajakumar has the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional care. When you entrust your health to Dr. Raja Kumar Manikam, you're in the hands of a seasoned professional who values your well-being above all else. With his unwavering commitment to your health and his vast expertise, Dr. Rajakumar is your go-to surgeon for comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge surgical care. Choose Dr. Rajakumar at Orthoplus Bone And Joint Center for your surgical needs, and experience healthcare excellence like never before. Your journey to recovery begins here.