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Dr. Rajasekhar Cingapagu

Hypospadias · Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery

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Burjeel Medical City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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28th St - Mohamed Bin Zayed City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Dr. Rajasekhar Cingapagu is a well-known pediatric surgeon at Burjeel Medical City, has rich experience in this field. He has chosen the very delicate areas of pediatrics, namely, neonatal surgery, pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, and as his focuses points for intensive medical science practice. He is the best doctor who kindles win kids and always works hard to ensure children feel healthy and happy. Dr. Rajasekhar Cingapagu is known to be highly qualified and gained a degree from reputed educational institutes. After acquiring an MBBS degree, he garnered MS and MCh qualifications as post-graduate credentials. Also, he did a fellowship in advanced pediatric laparoscopic surgery from Adelaide, Australia, and a diploma in advanced laparoscopic surgery from Strasbourg, France. After having several years of experience, Dr. Rajasekhar emerged as a specialist in pediatric surgery with extensive knowledge of hypospadias surgery, enuresis management, management of vesicoureteric reflux, hydronephrosis management, undescended testis, hernia and hydrocele, urodynamic study, circumcision, neonatal surgeries, thoracoscopic surgeries, pediatric urology, neonatal surgery, and advanced pediatric laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, Dr. Rajasekhar is a qualified member of the International Pediatric Endo-surgery Group, Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, UAE Paediatric Surgery Society, and the Societies of Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery, Paediatric Urology, and Paediatric Urodynamic Study.