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    Dr. Rashi Sehgal


    Rak Hospital

    Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates



    If you want to recover from some disease, accident, or other health issues and are looking for an experienced physiotherapist, then Dr. Rashi Sehgal is the one you should consult. Her reassuring smile and friendly demeanor make her a favorite of patients of all ages. She is a physiotherapist from India with over ten years of experience. Out of this experience, Dr. Rashi Sehgal has served two years in India and more than eight years in well-reputed hospitals of the Arab Emirates. Her work ethic and always putting patients before herself have made her a famous name everywhere she has worked. As for her education, Dr. Rashi Sehgal has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from Allahabad Agricultural University, India. She is a young and energetic doctor who can always be found treating patients in the physiotherapy section. Her healing aura significantly adds to the effectiveness of the treatment and treats the patients quicker. In her more than a decade of experience, Dr. Rashi Sehgal has treated many patients going through rehab. Also, she has helped many patients regain muscle control after neurological disorders like Parkinson's disease. With her vast experience and knowledge of the field, she examines every patient with complete consideration and designs a treatment tailored to their medical needs. Dr. Rashi can communicate in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. So, she can deal with patients from different geographic regions with ease. With her competence, knowledge, and personality, she is one of the best physiotherapists that you can depend on.