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Dr. Robert Schonenberger

Laser Assisted Hatching (Laser-AHA) · Infertility

40 Yrs

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Klinik Stephanshorn

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland






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Brauerstrasse 95, 9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland


Dr. Robert Schonenberger is amongst the top infertility doctors in the country. Dr. Robert Schonenberger has over 30 years of vast experience working and practicing laser and sterility therapy. Dr. Robert Schonenberger completed his medical degree from the University of Zurich, where he also completed his specialization in sterility therapy. Dr. Robert Schonenberger is passionate about spreading smiles around him, which is why he practices at Stephanshorn clinic, das Brustzentrum Stephanshorn, and maternity clinic in Switzerland. Dr. Robert Schonenberger is associated with the Hirslanden group of healthcare management, with over 17 private hospitals and more than 100 competency centers employing about 2,000 physicians. Dr. Robert Schonenberger also completed an operative course in pelvic floor surgery from Quiron Dexeus University Hospital, Barcelona. Dr. Robert Schonenberger is also an expert in reproductive medicine and gynecological endocrinology. Dr. Robert Schonenberger attended Stanford University in San Francisco and Gynecology and Dermatology Medical Center in Los Angeles to complete his certification in laser therapy. Moreover, Dr. Robert Schonenberger’s areas of specialty include: · Laser Assisted Hatching (Laser-AHA) · Infertility treatment The treatment procedure of laser assisted hatching is highly delicate and complicated. Numerous people from different cities come to him for consultation and to benefit from his vast experience of 38 years. In addition to this, Dr. Robert Schonenberger is fluent in German, Italian, English, and French, making him an extremely sought-after fertility expert. He is an empathetic person who develops rapport quite quickly. He is a highly professional physician.