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Dr. Rosa Maria Daza Garcia

Lower gastrointestinal disease · Hepatic disease

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Hospital Vithas Almería

Andalucía, Spain





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Carr. el Mami a Viator, Km.1, 04120 Almería, Spain


Dr. Rosa Maria Daza Garcia is a famous specialist in Lower gastrointestinal disease and Hepatic disease. She is the most experienced and knowledgeable in her fields of interest. She is respected for her professionalism and dedication to her services. She works with honesty and integrity and never compromises on her services. Dr. Rosa Maia Daza Garcia has successfully administered the best treatment to thousands of lower gastrointestinal and Hepatic disease patients. She takes greater care of her patients and provides her best services to them. Currently, she delivers her best services in the famous Vithas Hospital Virgen del Mar. Dr. Rosa Maria Daza Garcia is a well-qualified doctor, and the list of qualifications speaks volumes of her qualification accomplishments. She got her graduate degree in medicine and surgery and achieved various distinctions for her commitment to her studies. She attained her medical degree from the renowned University of Granada successfully. She also attended her house job training in the same institution and finished it successfully. She has availed all the opportunities provided to her during her training to polish her medical skills. She perfected her surgery and medicine skills to an optimum level. Dr. Rosa Maria Daza Garcia achieved high professional qualifications. She got her specialization degree in Lower gastrointestinal disease and Hepatic disease successfully. The competent doctors also trained her in the best environment for her specialties. After her specialization, Dr. Rosa Maria Daza Garcia gained extensive experience in her fields of interest, working with various leading hospitals.