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    Dr. Rozanna Gardashnik

    Pediatric gastrointestinal disease · Acute respiratory infection

    34 Yrs

    EMC Orlovsky



    Dr. Gardashnik is well-trained pediatrics at EMC Orlovsky and has more than 32 years of experience in her profession as an expert in pediatric gastrointestinal disease and acute respiratory infection. Dr. Gardashnik graduated from the pediatric department of Kemerovo State Medical Institute in 1988, followed by her completed her residency in "Pediatrics" in KSMI. Also, she took certification courses in specialties "Family doctor" and "Health Organizations and Public Health." In 1995 studied at the Syndicate of Family Physicians (Paris, France), in 1996 - at the Royal College of Family Physicians (London, UK), in 2006 and 2010 - at the Department of Family Medicine University of Iowa (USA). Throughout her professional career, Dr. Gardashnik worked and held a responsible position in various hospitals and clinics, such as Assistant Professor of Children Illness Kemerovo State Medical Institute, a pediatrician in State Hospital №1 (Department of Early Childhood); 1993-1994 - Pediatrician in Children's hospital №2 in St. Petersburg; 1994-2015 - Chief Physician in a network of private clinics in St. Petersburg. In addition to her work, Dr. Gardashnik is an author of several scientific publications in Russia.