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Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez

Urological cancer · Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

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Vithas Hospital Sevilla

Andalucía, Spain





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Av. Plácido Fernández Viagas, s/n, 41950 Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla, Spain


Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez is the most competent specialist surgeon in Urological cancer and Laparoscopic Urological Surgery. He is considered the best surgeon in his fields of interest, and various national and international hospitals invite him for urological surgeries. He has gained immense experience working with leading hospitals. He works with professionalism and honesty. He continually upholds medical ethics and follows them in his profession. Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez has a friendly personality and always deals with others in an amicable manner. He also attends to his patients in the best possible way. He never compromises on their health and provides them with the best environment. He has operated thousands of successful urological surgeries and treated urological cancer. Currently, he delivers his extraordinary services in the famous Vithas Hospital Sevilla. Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez is well-qualified and has earned his bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from the renowned University of Malaga. During his studies, he was an exceptional student and achieved various accolades for his educational excellence. He pursued his goal of becoming a specialist doctor vigorously. Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez underwent his house job training and successfully finished it. During his training, he learned a lot and polished his medical skills with hard work. He also obtained MIR (Urology) training in the famous Virgen Macarena University Hospital. He received training in the most advanced technologies used in urology surgeries. Dr. Ruben Campanario Perez has also earned doctorate courses from the prestigious University of Seville. These higher professional qualifications successfully enhanced his personality.