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Dr. Sang-deok Lee

Endoscopic Adenoidectomy · Nasal Diseases


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Hana ENT Hospital

Seoul, South Korea





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245 Yeoksam-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Introducing Dr. Lee Sang-deok, Renowned Otolaryngologist at Hana ENT Hospital Welcome to Hana ENT Hospital, where we are proud to have Dr. Lee Sang-deok as our esteemed otolaryngologist. With a wealth of experience and an impressive educational background, Dr. Lee is dedicated to providing exceptional care and advanced treatments for all your ear, nose, and throat concerns. Education and Training Excellence: Dr. Lee's commitment to excellence is evident through his impressive qualifications. As an Adjunct Professor at the prestigious College of Medicine, Korea University, he brings the latest advancements in the field to his practice. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine from Dokhyeop Medical University in Japan, and he completed his medical education at Korea University College of Medicine. International Expertise: Dr. Lee's pursuit of excellence led him to undergo specialized training at renowned institutions across the globe. He trained at Columbia University Hospital in New York, USA, further expanding his knowledge and skills. Additionally, he received extensive training in rhinoplasty surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Lee also completed a comprehensive paranasal sinus endoscopic surgery course at Graz University in Austria, making him a sought-after expert in the field. Leadership and Professional Contributions: Dr. Lee's dedication extends beyond patient care. He currently serves as an Auditor of the prestigious Korean Otolaryngology Society, ensuring the highest standards are maintained in the field. As the Chairman of the Korea Specialty Hospital Association, he demonstrates his commitment to advancing specialized healthcare. Dr. Lee has held various leadership positions, including General Affairs Director of the Korea Otolaryngology Practitioner Association, Insurance Director of the Korean Society of Rhinology, and Founding Director of the Korean Otolaryngology Society. His extensive experience and leadership skills make him a trusted authority in the medical community. Patient-Focused Approach: Dr. Lee believes in personalized care and takes the time to understand each patient's unique needs and concerns. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he provides comprehensive evaluations and offers tailored treatment plans. His warm and compassionate demeanor ensures that patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their healthcare journey. Hana ENT Hospital is privileged to have Dr. Lee Sang-deok as an integral part of our team. His exceptional qualifications, international training, and dedication to patient care make him the preferred choice for all your otolaryngology needs. Experience the highest level of medical expertise and compassionate care with Dr. Lee at Hana ENT Hospital.