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Dr. Sang Sik Cho

Colon Cancer

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Korea Cancer Center Hospital

Seoul, South Korea





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Gongneung-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Sang Sik Cho is a colorectal cancer surgeon and specialist at Korea Cancer Center Hospital. His area of expertise is colon cancer, and he has a lot of experience in this field. He has done hundreds of successful surgical procedures for patients. Colon cancer treatment involves surgical removal of cancer, and other treatments also include radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These procedures have brought a lot of success in treating patients with colon cancer. One of the specialties at Korea Cancer Center Hospital is treating colorectal cancer. Dr. Sang Sik Cho, one of the specialized doctors, uses advanced medical procedures to ensure their patients get the best treatment to solve their debilitating problems. Korea Cancer Center Hospital was the first hospital in Korea to deploy radiological treatment for cancer patients to get the most effective results. Dr. Sang Sik Cho does these procedures on his patients with extreme care. He also has experience of a lot of research during his Master of Medicine from Yeungnam University College of Medicine. He also provides regular pre-operative and post-operative care to ensure the best outcomes and desired results. He and his team also have a hospice and a palliative care center that provides cancer treatment and includes holistic health services to help the patients heal better. Dr. Sang Sik Cho provides top-quality and ethical services to his patients. He and his team have a lot of experience and good understanding between them in order to better understand their patients to receive top-class treatment. Patient health and comfort are their priority, and all of his patients feel healthy after his surgical procedures.