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Dr. Seog Ju Kim

Somatization disorder · Anxiety disorders

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Psychological well-being is an integral part of our health. No one can have a healthy body without having a healthy mind. Mental health highly affects how we think, feel and act and thus crucial at every stage of life. Therefore, mental health issues should be treated just like we treat physiological disorders of the body. People who have mental illness can get better with help and return to their routine life ultimately. Dr. Seog Ju Kim is a highly experienced psychiatrist currently associated with Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea. He is a renowned mental healthcare provider specializing in dealing with patients suffering from somatization and anxiety disorders. Dr. Seog Ju Kim earned his degree in medicine from Seoul National University College of Medicine, South Korea, and started practicing as a Resident in the Department of Psychiatry of the same hospital. Later, he did his fellowship from Seoul National University Hospital in Sleep Medicine. Sleep Medicine is a medical specialty which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disturbances and disorders. Besides sleep disorders, he also treats trauma and stress-related disorders, anxiety, depressive disorders, etc. In addition to enhancing the sleep health of his patients, he is a Professor of Psychiatry at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, South Korea. Dr. Seog Ju Kim is a Ph.D. holder in his specialty and plays an active role in academic societies and Research work. He is currently working as a Chairman of the Education Committee of the Korea Neuropsychiatric Association and Associate Editor of Psychiatric Investigation. Dr. Seog Ju Kim is also a committee member of the Korean Academy of sleep medicine, the Korean Psychosomatic Society, and the Korean Association of Psychoanalysis.