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    Dr. Seok Hyun Shin

    Hernia Repair · Anal Disease

    Sarang Plus Hospital

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    QUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL CLINICAL TRAINING OF DR. SEOK HYUN SHIN Dr. Seok Hyun Shin is a general surgeon at Sarang Plus Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from the esteemed Hanyang University Medical College. After graduation, he joined the Samsung Medical Center to complete his residency in General Surgery. To enhance his surgical skills, Dr. Seok Hyun Shin later took further training and courses, mostly in hernia repairs and anal surgeries. He now works as a senior general surgeon at Sarang Plus Hospital. SPECIAL CLINICAL INTEREST OF DR. SEOK HYUN SHIN Dr. Seok Hyun Shin specializes in anal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula and anal fissure. He also has a specialty in treating hernias such as the direct and indirect inguinal hernia, epigastric hernia, femoral hernia and umbilical hernia repair. His other particular clinical and surgical interest includes laparoscopy and benign tumor. He has a vast patient panel and performs various surgical procedures weekly. He has performed hundreds of successful laparoscopy and hernia repair procedures so far. Dr. Seok Hyun Shin is an avid reader and believes in reading medical journals. In addition to reading research of other medical and surgical doctors, he has also published several of his medical papers in local and international medical journals. He stays up to date with the new changes in the field of surgery by attending seminars and continuing medical education conferences.