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Dr. Seong Cheol Park

Breast Surgery · Liposuction

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Ready Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea






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South Korea, Seoul, Seocho-gu, Jamwon-dong, Gangnam-daero, 557 4층


When it comes to enhancing or beautifying certain features, plastic and cosmetic surgeries have become very famous. But for a successful procedure and getting the results you are looking for, finding a doctor who is an expert at these procedures is crucial. Dr. Seong Cheol Park is an expert in the field with many years of experience. Dr. Seong Cheol Park is a full-time member of the Korean plastic surgery council and cosmetic surgery clinic. His other memberships include: Korean Society of Cosmetic Foreign Chemistry Korean Academy of Hypoplastic Surgery Korean Medical Association Korean Society of Small Surgery Korean Society for Mammoplasty Besides being a member of these societies, Dr. Seong Cheol Park has won two awards from the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery. All these memberships, accolades, and awards make him one of the best plastic surgeons. Dr. Seong Cheol Park is a representative director of Ready Plastic Surgery. He specializes in breast surgery and liposuction procedures. Because of these specialties, his services are highly demanded. Many patients get Dr. Seong Cheol Park’s appointment and are very satisfied from experience. For patients who want to enhance their physical features, booking a session with Dr. Seong Cheol Park is an excellent option. Besides consultation, you can also get required surgical procedures of liposuction and breast surgery procedures. So, whether it is for health concerns or beautifying your features, Dr. Seong Cheol Park is undoubtedly an excellent choice. His friendly behavior ensures that the patients are at ease and comfortable.