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Dr. Seong Gu Lee

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) · Sperm Retrieval, Oocyte Culture, Blastocyst Culture, Anesthesia, Embryo Transfer

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Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital

Daegu, South Korea






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2 Dongbu-ro 22-gil, Sincheon 4(sa)-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea


One of the major diseases women worldwide are facing is infertility. Although infertility can be associated with any one of the two genders, most cases are female infertility. And the shocking fact is that female infertility is increasing at a fast pace of 10% per decade. Calculations show that by the next 50 years, the infertility rate will be increased by 50%, which could result in a devastating extinction of humankind. But not just yet, when scientists are coming up with new technological developments in artificial reproduction and cure of infertility. With the current artificial reproduction techniques being a hit, people are not interested in curing their infertility. Most people prefer IVF over any others. Like IVF, science developed a slightly different procedure called the ICSI. Dr. Seong Gu Lee, a well-renowned obstetrician, specializes in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or simply ICSI. He has a medical science degree specializing in sperm retrieval, oocyte culture, blastocyst culture, anesthesia, and embryo transfer apart from ICSI. He graduated as a gynecologist from the Seoul National University Hospital and currently serves at the Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital in North Korea. When most aspiring doctors prefer specializing in IVF, Dr. Seong Gu Lee opted for the difficult road of ICSI specialization. His work includes injecting the sperm in the egg using a pipette; however, instead of injecting thousands of sperm, he injects just one with a pipette. He pays close attention to the details which helped him a lot in maintaining a high reputation.