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Dr. Yeol-geun Seong

Radical prostatectomy · Laparoscopic Ureteroneocystostomy

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Dong-eui Hospital

Busan, South Korea



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62 Yangjeong-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan


Meet Dr. Yeol-geun Seong: Your Trusted Urology Expert at Dong-eui Hospital When it comes to your urological health, you deserve the best care possible. That's where Dr. Yeol-geun Seong, a distinguished urologist at Dong-eui Hospital, comes into the picture. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Seong is here to ensure your well-being with a focus on personalized patient care. Education and Expertise Dr. Yeol-geun Seong's journey towards becoming a leading figure in urology is nothing short of impressive. He graduated from the prestigious Dong-A University College of Medicine and continued his pursuit of excellence by attaining a Master of Medicine degree. As a resident and Clinical Professor at the Department of Urology in Dong-A University Hospital, Dr. Seong honed his skills, setting the stage for his remarkable career. Today, he proudly serves as an Adjunct Professor at Dong-A University School of Medicine, ensuring that the next generation of urologists receives top-notch training. Areas of Expertise Dr. Seong's expertise covers a wide range of urological conditions, including: Prostate Surgery: When it comes to prostate health, you can trust Dr. Seong's surgical prowess to deliver the best possible outcomes. Female Urinary Incontinence: For those seeking relief from urinary incontinence, Dr. Seong offers compassionate care and advanced treatment options. Urinary Tumors: Dealing with urinary tumors can be challenging, but Dr. Seong's expertise ensures that you receive comprehensive care and the latest treatments available. Laparoscopic Surgery: Dr. Seong is skilled in minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, providing less pain and faster recovery for patients. Urinary Stones: If urinary stones are causing discomfort, Dr. Seong has the expertise to diagnose and treat them effectively. Sexual Dysfunction: Dr. Seong understands the sensitive nature of sexual dysfunction and offers confidential, patient-centered solutions. Pediatric Urological Disease: Your child's urological health is in good hands with Dr. Seong, who specializes in pediatric urology. Active in the Medical Community Dr. Yeol-geun Seong is not just a physician; he is an active member of various esteemed medical societies, including: Full Member of the Korean Urological Society Full Member of the Korean Prostate Society Full Member of the Korean Society of Urinary Disorders and Urinary Incontinence Executive Director of the Busan Regional Urological Society With Dr. Seong's commitment to excellence and his dedication to staying at the forefront of urological advancements, you can trust that you're in the hands of a true expert. For comprehensive urological care that puts your health and well-being first, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yeol-geun Seong at Dong-eui Hospital today. Your journey to better urological health starts here.