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Dr. Serdar Ener

Carotid Endarterectomy · Heart valve surgery

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Medicana Bursa Hospital

Bursa, Turkey





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Yaylacik, Izmir Yolu Cd, Nilufer/Bursa, Turkey


Dr. Serdar Ener is an efficient and competent cardiac surgeon. He has conducted numerous complicated cardiac surgeries successfully and has been in this line of work for a long time, which is why he has gained vast experience. He has served in many state-of-the-art hospitals; however, currently, he provides his services at the Medicana Bursa Hospital located in Izmir at Bursa, Turkey. There have been many modern developments in treating heart-related diseases, and Dr. Serdar Ener utilizes those techniques in his medical treatment plan for his patients. This ensures the success of his patients' health. Dr. Serdar Ener graduated with his degree in medicine from Ankara University in 1984. He later completed his specialization at the Koşuyolu Heart Diseases and Education Hospital in 1991. He has 18 plus years of experience in Cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Serdar Ener has spoken on multiple national forums as a guest speaker regarding cardiac health and potential diseases. With the use of modern techniques, he has been able to produce quick and long-lasting results. His input in his field of specialization is greatly acknowledged and cited. Dr. Serdar Ener has published many scientific investigative pieces of research in which he has discussed the possible reasons and potential surgical techniques that can be utilized while dealing with patients. These publications are relevant to modern times and are discussed globally for their contemporary touch. He has ferociously spoken about coronary artery disease on major platforms. His specialization lies in Heart valve surgery and Carotid Endarterectomy.