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    Dr. Sergey Gritsenko

    Radiotherapy · Proton therapy

    Federal Scientific Clinical Centre for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the FMBA of Russia

    Ulyanovsk Region, Russia


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    Dr. Sergey Gritsenko is a Ph.D. and currently the Head of the Proton and Photonic Center at the Federal Scientific Clinical Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the FMBA of Russia. Dr. Sergey Gritsenko finished his specialization in pediatrics in 1996 at the Kuban Medical Institute, named after the Red Army. Dr. Sergey Gritsenko completed his residency at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the specialty "Urology" in 1998 and professional retraining in the specialty "Radiology" in 1999. Specialist certificate in the specialty: "Radiology" from 08.02.2020 to 08.02.2025 "Urology" from 10.02.2018 to 10.02.2023 "Radiotherapy" from 12.21.2020 to 12.21.2025 Dr. Sergey Gritsenko is an expert in the fields of radiotherapy and proton therapy. Proton therapy is a type of radiation therapy that uses proton beams to treat cancer. Protons are positively charged particles that can be focused and controlled to deliver radiation directly to the tumor while sparing nearby healthy tissues. During proton therapy, a machine called a cyclotron or synchrotron is used to accelerate protons to very high speeds. The protons are then directed towards the tumor using a special machine called a gantry. The gantry is able to rotate around the patient, allowing the proton beams to be directed at the tumor from multiple angles.