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Dr. Serkan Yilmazer

Headache · Neuropathy

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Private Iskenderun Development Hospital

Çorum, Türkiye



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89 Doktor Sadık Ahmet Caddesi Ulukavak Çorum Merkez Çorum Türkiye


Experience comfort and expertise in neurology care with Dr. Serkan Yilmazer, a seasoned specialist who brings forth a wealth of knowledge and dedication. Born in Antakya in 1981, Dr. Yilmazer pursued his education at Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine and further honed his skills at Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Medicine, specializing in Neurology. With a profound understanding of neurological conditions, Dr. Yilmazer is equipped to provide comprehensive care and support. His fluency in English ensures effective communication, fostering a seamless patient-doctor relationship. Beyond his education, Dr. Yilmazer's devotion to patient well-being is evident in his compassionate approach and commitment to individualized treatment plans. Specializing in [Key Neurology Services] and equipped with a deep understanding of [Specific Neurological Conditions], Dr. Yilmazer offers a personalized approach, guiding patients towards optimal neurological health and well-being. Book your consultation today with Dr. Serkan Yilmazer, where expertise, empathy, and patient-centric care converge to create a path toward neurological wellness. Your journey to better neurological health begins here.