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Dr. Seul Gi Min

Arthroscopy · Shoulder Joint

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Yonsei Sarang Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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478-3 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Seul Gi Min is an orthopedic surgeon currently practicing at the Yonsei Sarang Hospital in Seoul, Korea. His expertise in Orthopedics revolves around the shoulder joint area. He also has full command over arthroscopy. Dr. Seul Gi Min pursued his residency in Orthopedics from Hallym University. Since then, he has been keeping himself up-to-date according to the revolving trends in Orthopedics and Trauma Care. Undoubtedly, he has learned some of the latest treatment and diagnostic procedures he now applies to his patients to provide them with the optimal level of care. Dr. Seul Gi Min has mastered the shoulder joint and all the orthopedics-related injuries and pathologies that surround it. His patients are primarily from the younger and the older age group, provided that most sports-related injuries involve the shoulder joint. Apart from this joint, he also has command over arthroscopy. This procedure is widely performed within the Orthopedics sector and that too, to diagnose and treat several joint-related problems. It is a minimally invasive and usually a minor procedure that helps an orthopedic surgeon elucidate the causes for the patient's presenting complaint while possibly also treating it if it comes within the span of the process itself. Dr. Seul Gi Min is a talented doctor who knows how to perform this procedure intelligently while utilizing his maximum skills. This excellence clearly explains why several patients want to get treated by him. He is famous among his patients for the very same reasons that make him a talented surgeon.