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Dr. Sezer Saglam

Meatotomy · Urogenital Cancer

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Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hastanesi

İstanbul, Türkiye



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Cemil Aslan Güder Sok. No: 8 Gayrettepe - İstanbul


Welcome to Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital, where Dr. Sezer Saglam, a highly skilled and compassionate medical oncologist, is ready to provide comprehensive care tailored to your needs. With his vast experience and expertise, Dr. Saglam is committed to delivering the highest standard of treatment and support, ensuring your well-being throughout your cancer journey. Dr. Sezer Saglam is a renowned expert in medical oncology, dedicated to advancing patient care and achieving optimal outcomes. As a valued member of our team, he brings years of invaluable experience and knowledge to Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital. You can trust Dr. Saglam to provide the latest advancements in medical oncology while prioritizing your comfort and overall health. Dr. Saglam's educational background reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. In 2005, he completed rigorous medical oncology specialization training at the esteemed Istanbul University Oncology Institute. This specialized training equipped him with a deep understanding of cancer treatments, allowing him to provide personalized and effective therapeutic interventions. Prior to his specialization in medical oncology, Dr. Saglam received comprehensive internal medicine training at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1996. This solid foundation in internal medicine enables him to take a comprehensive approach to patient care, addressing all aspects of your health and well-being. Dr. Saglam's medical journey began with his medical training at Ege University in 1991. This early experience shaped his dedication to the medical field and ignited his passion for helping patients overcome cancer with personalized treatment plans. As your trusted medical oncologist, Dr. Sezer Saglam prioritizes a patient-centered approach, ensuring that you receive compassionate care, thorough communication, and individualized treatment options. By choosing Dr. Saglam, you are entrusting your health to a dedicated professional who remains at the forefront of advancements in medical oncology.