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    Dr. Shayakhmetov Tanzhas Serikovich

    Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) · Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)

    6 Yrs

    "Umit” International Oncological TomoTherapy Center


    Foundation year




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    Medical staff


    Dr. Shayakhmetov Tanzhas Serikovich is the Head of the Medical Physics Department at "Umit" International Oncological TomoTherapy Center. He has 5 years total of work experience. Dr. Shayakhmetov Tanzhas Serikovich has a Master of Science in Medical Physics from the University of Trieste/International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, 2018. Master of Natural Sciences in Physics: M. Kozybayev, North-Kazakhstan State University in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 2015. M. Kozybayev, Bachelor of Education in Physics, North-Kazakhstan State University in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 2013. To advance his professional development, Dr. Shayakhmetov Tanzhas Serikovich completed a number of training courses. The 2018 training course in Florence, Italy entitled "Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: from Physics to Clinic; IAEA/AAPM Code of Practice for the Dosimetry of Static and Small Photon Fields Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced School" Trieste, Italy, 2018; Trieste, Italy, 2017: Joint ICTP-IAEA International Workshop on Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) Implementation; Dosimetry and Treatment Planning for Basic and Advanced Applications: School on Medical Physics for Radiation Therapy, Trieste, Italy, 2017; Regional IAEA brachytherapy training course, Moscow, Russia, 2016; Medical physics for clinical radiation therapy regional IAEA training course, Moscow, Russia, 2016; A qualification improvement in "Radiation safety when using ionizing radiation sources" was completed in 2016 in Astana, Kazakhstan; 2016 in Wien, Austria: ESNM Therapy and a Basic Dosimetry Learning Course; In 2015, Almaty, Kazakhstan, hosted a national training program on gamma ray therapy planning; Kazakhstan's National Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology provided on-site training in radiation treatment planning and dosimetry in Almaty in 2014; and in the same year, a scientific internship at the Waseda University Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Biosciences in Tokyo, Japan.