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Dr. Shilpha Kumar

Retinal disease · Cataract

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Mediclinic Al Qusais

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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#4,Ground Floor,Dubai Residential Oasis,Damascus Street,Al Qusais - Al Qusais Industrial AreaAl Qusais Industrial Area 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Loss of transparency of the eye's lens is known as a cataract. Patients with this disease have vision comparable to that of a dirty window. Similarly, retinal diseases can lead to blindness slowly or quickly, depending on the cause. As the eye is a delicate organ, an expert ophthalmologist must reduce the disease burden. Dr. Shilpa Kumar is a compassionate doctor who reduces blindness due to cataracts or retinal diseases. She works at the Mediclinic Al Qusais, Her journey as an eye surgeon began after attaining her medical degree. She received her Master's in Ophthalmology at Madras Medical College, India. Then she gained experience in Retina at The Medical Research Foundation in India. Later, she worked at St John's Hospital in Bangalore as an ophthalmologist. An Ophthalmologist is a Fellow at the International Council of Ophthalmology. Plus, she has a fellowship with the Sankara Nethralaya Medical Research Foundation. Her best expertise lies in cataract and retinal diseases. Cataract diseases have different symptoms and thus other treatments. Dr. Shilpa Kumar advises patients according to the cause, and if there is still a progressive decline in vision, she removes the diseased lens. Causes of cataracts include aging (slowly occurring), diabetes, or injury (very quickly happening). After she assesses the reason, she will decide what type of cataract surgery to offer. Phacoemulsification and Extracapsular removal are the two main choices. Retinal diseases are damage to the sensor of the eye, and it may be a bleed, detachment, or cancer. She is competent in treating retinal diseases using various methods such as direct injections into the retina, laser surgery, or freezing. Dr. Shilpa Kumar is fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada. These qualities make her an excellent doctor to understands patients' complaints in their language.