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    Dr. Shin Ae Kim

    Tonsillectomy · Sinusitis

    Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Shin Ae Kim is an Otolaryngologist who is currently working at the Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital, which is located in Seoul, South Korea. She specializes in sinusitis and tonsillectomy as her areas of expertise and is warmly regarded by her patients for her expertise and professionalism. Dr. Shin Ae Kim acquired her early medical education from the Asan Medical Center and then for later studies, she went to the Ulsan University College of Medicine. Being an otolaryngologist, a doctor is required to be proficient in fully checking all the interrelated organs involved within the field. This means that a complete and thorough examination of the ear, nose, and throat needs to be done by the doctor if they are to reach a final diagnostic conclusion. Thankfully, Dr. Shin Ae Kim possesses this quality and she makes sure that all her patients are given equal, quality time where they are assessed and examined if there exists any problem in any other unsuspected system. Dr. Shin Ae Kim is an expert in her field. She believes in moving forward with the world and for this reason, she could be seen making use of the newer and advanced therapeutic techniques that are needed for tonsillectomy and other minor procedures. Apart from this, she is also an expert when it comes to dealing with chronic and irritable conditions like sinusitis. Patients suffering from this condition often come back for their follow-ups, and even then, Dr. Shin Ae Kim gives them proper time and consultation facilities so that they are fully satisfied with the treatment that they have received.