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    Dr. Shruti Kate


    11 Yrs

    HCG Manavata Cancer Center, Nashik

    Maharashtra, India




    Dr. Shruti Kate is a well-tainted young oncologist at HCG Manavata Cancer Center, Nashik, and has 9 years of experience in her profession. She is an expert in breast cancer and chemotherapy. She is a diligent a skilled oncologist who gained much respect from many patients. Dr. Shruti Kate is a qualified doctor who gained an MBBS and MS degree from reputed institutions. During her education, she trained from international expertise, which made her one of the best oncologists in India. Her kindly with her patients has shown that she is a componential and skilled doctor. Thanks to her acquired and developed skills, she always finds the most appropriate solutions for each patient. Throughout her career, Dr. Shruti Kate has held responsible positions in prestigious medical centers and a hospital, where she gained invaluable experience. In addition to her work, she presented many papers at several international and national conferences and published several scientific articles about a variety of oncological diseases.